Monday, April 11, 2005

Is Tiger Back?

Tiger Woods roared from behind to win Sunday's Masters. He reclaimed the world's #1 ranking. Of course, he also holed an amazing chip for a birdie on #16 in the last round.

Is Tiger really back? After he hit the amazing chip, he went on to bogey the final two holes. He almost gave this great Masters victory away with a lack of mental focus on 17 and 18.

This lack of focus never crept into his previous wins. When Tiger was so hot, he not only won, he buried his opponents. His mental focus never wavered like it did yesterday.

Chris DiMarco was a big part of Tiger not running away with the final day. However, DiMarco's strong play had nothing to do with Tiger almost blowing the victory on the final two holes.

I'm happy for Tiger. I enjoy watching him play. In a way, I'm glad he kept things interesting for us.

Will he come back and dominate like he did before? We'll have to wait and see.

Even more than congratulating him on a great victory, I'd like to send his family and father good thoughts. We hope Tiger's dad will be there the next time he walks off of 18 victorious.

Congrats Tiger and Chris DiMarco and thanks for an enjoyable and thrilling, Sunday at Augusta.

Hit `em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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