Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Million Dollar Dud

When is a million-dollar shootout not a million-dollar shootout? Seems like the courts will have to decide this one. Or, will they?

A lawsuit that was brought against the Las Vegas $3 Million Dollar Shootout didn't derail the alleged knock-off. Instead, the Arizona-based organizers pulled the plug on the event scheduled May 4-8.

Organizers of the Las Vegas Million Dollar Shootout were seeking a court injunction against the tournament. They felt organizers stole their name, location, and concept and wanted the courts to step in and stop the tournament.

Now the Las Vegas Million Dollar Shootout to be held May 17-20 on Pauite's Wolf course no longer has the competition and is inviting those who had already signed up for the earlier tournament to join theirs.

Speculation in the Las Vegas golf scene is that the tournament didn't have the golfers to support the copycat tournament. The reason for canceling now was to fend off embarassment and to keep sponsors from feeling like organizers could not bring in the golfers to support the tournament.

We'll keep you informed on any new updates.

Hit `em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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