Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Golf Club Thefts Rising

I read an interesting article on USA Today's website yesterday. The brief article deals with the growing problem facing all golfers. That problem is the rise of golf club theft across the country.

Here's an alarming quote from USA Today.

"Golf club thefts are likely to eclipse $200 million this year, according to Don Stafford of Insurer's World Evaluation Services. That's about 10% of the $2 billion spent annually to buy new clubs, according to Golf Datatech."

According to the insurance industry, overall thefts are on the decline. However, golf club thefts are going against this trend. In fact, six out of ten golfers say they have been a victim or know someone who has.

Thieves salivate over today's high-tech, high-priced clubs. With the ease of selling stolen goods on Ebay and other online auctions, these thieves have no problem unloading hot golf equipment.

Here's a link to the full article.

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