Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Las Vegas Golf Course to Avoid?

The word is spreading in the Las Vegas golf world to avoid Stallion Mountain Country Club. The course is getting bad reviews in the golf press and with golfers. To be fair, we have not seen the course ourselves lately and there are a few golfers who still stand up for Stallion Mountain.

Here's what a few golfers had to say about Stallion Mountain's conditions. One golfer described the course as having dirt patches everywhere. Another described sandtraps as cement bowls covered with cat litter. The golf course was also said to have muddy fairways and rock hard greens.

Another golf publication has published pictures of these horrible conditions to back up what golfers are saying.

The course itself and many of the local casinos are still reccomending Stallion Mountain Country Club. Neither is reporting major complaints. A local golfer also stated that he thought the course, while not in perfect condition, was not as bad as its reputation.

Our advice to vacationing travelers is to avoid Stallion Mountain until the dust clears. There are many good golf courses in Las Vegas. You can find most listed on our Las Vegas golf course directory page. Unlike the craps table, you don't have to take a chance to play a winner.

Have you played Stallion Mountain lately? Let us know your thoughts.

Hit `em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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