Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Golfers - Tips for Surviving the Busy Summer Travel Months

Most experts believe this will be the busiest summer for travel in the past six years. Here are four quick tips to help ensure you make it to your golf destination a little easier.

1) Book Early Morning Flights - You'll find smaller crowds at the airports and your flight will not be delayed by late-afternoon thunderstorms.

2) Use Your Cell Phone - If your flight is delayed, call the airline's 800 number while waiting in line at the ticket counter. You might reach an agent faster on the phone than in person.

3) Make Your Luggage Stand Out - Set your luggage apart from others with bright tags or by writing, "You Da Man" with bright markers on your bag. You'll differentiate your bags from others and speed up your departure from the airport luggage areas.

4) Keep Your Property Safe - Lock all checked bags to keep them from opening during transport. Visit for a list of Transportation Security Administration-approved locks.

Prepare yourself for stressful travels. Try to relax. Just remember the perfect golf vacation waits for your at your final destination.

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Hit 'em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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