Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Play a Round of Golf with Fuzzy Zoeller

Yesterday we told you we would pass along more news regarding this great promotion.

Here's the skinny.

Golfers compete in an online "closest to the pin" contest. The initial qualifying stages for this contest end within the next month. Those who qualify will move into a finals round where they have a chance to become a Grand Finalist.

Grand Finalists will play a round of golf with Fuzzy, play in Fuzzy'’s charity golf tournament and take a shot at a $1 million prize with coaching help from Fuzzy, John Daly, Kenny Perry and Hank Kuehne.

The first (that's right I said first - more below) Grand Finals are going to be held August 11-15 at Fuzzy's charity golf event, The Wolf Challenge, at Sellersburg, IN.

PerfectGolfVacations.com is excited to provide all of our visitors with ten free chances to qualify for these finals.

Qualifying for the first event ends soon. Read more and get your ten free shots.

Here's even more great news. This online contest will continue throughout the year. If you don't win this time, you will have chances to compete during the year for more opportunities to play a round of golf with Fuzzy Zoeller, win a million dollars, and enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to the event.

The key is to get your ten free shots, hit the practice area, and get involved in the qualifying rounds.

Go straight to the website and claim your ten free shots when you register with code 1103.


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Hit 'em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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