Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Can Sunglasses Lower Your Golf Scores?

Here's a headline that caught my eye recently.

"Polarized lenses improve game strategy and save time, giving an "eye-up" to golfers."

The RoxoR sunglasses, patented in 1998, block out the color green. This supposedly gives golfers an advantage by allowing them to see the breaks, undulations, and changes in the grain on greens.

"The human eye is most dominant and sensitive to the color green, making RoXoR golf sunglasses an ideal complement for any golfer's game strategy," explained Inventor and RoXoR President Mr. Stehager. "This kind of technology creates fewer putts per round, lowers scores, and prevents frustration over lost golf balls. Golfers will save time, and their own mental health, by playing a better game with the RoXoR."

These sunglasses have been tested on both the PGA European and LPGA Golf Tours.

You can learn more about this new optical, stroke-saving, technology at Language options are in the upper left-hand corner.

Hit 'em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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