Friday, July 22, 2005

Get Rid of Golf Glove Grunge

How many times have you rolled up to the first tee, reached into your golf bag to get your golf glove and pulled out a stiff, wadded up, unrecognizable object.

I've even had a few occasions when I finally uncrumpled my glove, began sliding in my fingers and watched the leather rip and disintegrate right before my eyes.

Here's something I ran across the other day that every golfer can benefit from. Its called the G3 Golf Glove Guard.

This product clips to the side of bag, costs next to nothing, and will preserve your leather golf glove for many more rounds of golf.

Here's a testimonial I pulled off of the G3 website.

"I am a product tester, and tested your product through the PGA Tour Club about six months ago. I like it so well that I purchased two more for my gloves. I live in Deep South Texas where it gets hot in the summer time, and I soak a golf glove up in two holes, so I switch gloves that often. The G3 helps keep my glove in shape and allows it to dry natural, allowing it to keep its shape and softness. I've recommended it to my golf buddies."
- Rev. Gerald E. Parks, Lyford, TX

Go check out the G3 Golf Glove Guard for yourself at

Hit 'em long and straight,

Evans Putman, Owner
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